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Enchanted Glitz Press-On Nails


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Step into a realm of fantasy with our Enchanted Glitz Press-On Nails. This majestic set is a love letter to the classic beauty of roses and the timeless elegance of jewels. Featuring a dusty rose base, each nail is meticulously adorned with glitter, creating a bedazzling effect reminiscent of a starlit gala. The crowning glory is the 3D floral appliqués and gemstone embellishments that sit atop like regal tiaras, offering an opulent touch to your fingertips. Designed for those who seek to weave a touch of magic into their ensemble, these nails are perfect for any grand event or when you simply want to feel like royalty. Durable, easy to apply, and comfortable to wear, they transform your manicure into a lavish experience.

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Weight 0.8 oz
Dimensions 4.5 × 2.7 × 0.8 in


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