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Magnetic Storage Box



Elevate your nail art game with our Clear Acrylic Magnetic Nail Charms Storage Box. Expertly designed to house all your essential nail accessories— from rhinestones and glass drills to silver flakes and glitter—this storage box ensures you can find everything swiftly and stay organized.

Food-Grade Quality Acrylic:

Crafted from durable, scratch-resistant acrylic, this storage box is not only more robust than glass but also weather-resistant. Its premium build ensures it will serve you faithfully for years to come.

Elegant Design:

It boasts an elegant and sleek design that feels comfortable to the hand, making it a practical yet stylish addition to any dressing table.

Transparent Storage:

The clear construction allows you to see all your treasures at a glance. Easy to clean with just soap and water, it fits seamlessly on most dressers.

36 & 64 Grids for Versatility:

Featuring a single layer with

36 grids, each measuring 1.5*1.5cm (0.59”*0.59”)

64 grids, each measuring 1 * 1cm,

this box meets various storage needs and makes classification a breeze.

Upgrade your storage solution today and focus more on creating, and less on searching for, the perfect nail art embellishments.

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36 Grid Box, 64 Grid Box


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